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given them a presuppositional semantics, as pioneered by Cooper ( ) for. English gender. ment it with a suitable theory of “presupposition projection”. In our setting, This, we take it, will be filtered out as unrealizable at. PF.

12 Dec 2016. George Boole was the first to present logic as a mathematical theory in algebraic style. as models of logical deduction systems, that is, as providing a formal semantics for formal languages of logic. When ⟨A,D⟩ is a model of L it is said that D is an L-filter of the algebra A. The set of L-filters of an algebra A plays a crucial role in the theory of. Lewis, Clarence Irving and Langford, Cooper H., 1932 Symbolic Logic, second edition, New York: Dover Publications, 1959.

7 Oct 2018. This theory doesn't need to assume that Fake Indexicals are feature-less at LF, only that they don't 'project' their. If this kind of redundancy is not tolerated by the semantic component of grammar, we can make sense of the. I assume that ϕ-features are interpreted as presupposition triggers (Cooper, 1979) – but only in the ordinary. I.e., the is a filter on predicates. It checks that the.

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19 Dec 2013. We use Type Theory with Records (TTR), a formal semantics framework that starts from the idea that information and. Cooper. R. Austinian truth, attitudes and type theory. , Research on Language and Computation. , 2005.

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6 Sep 2012. lem using the mechanism of cross-sentential anaphora, and show that the resulting theory nicely accounts for the. Although concluding that gender features on bound pronouns are presuppositional, Cooper. can filter out the gender presupposition of a pronoun in the consequent, as shown by (68). (68).

29 Apr 2013. Among these approaches are Principal Component Analysis (PCA) (Zhang et al., 2005), Kalman filtering. data, which are contaminated with real motion artifacts, and add a simulated HRF to these data (Cooper et al., 2012).

work of Barwise and Cooper and of van Benthem. I believe that these. principles relating syntax to semantics plus particular semantic properties of individual. like Barwise and Cooper's, taking the generator set of the principal filter (a new.

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APPLICATIONS, THEORY, AND RELATIONSHIP TO DYNAMIC SEMANTICS. David Milward & Robin Cooper. Centre for Cognitive Science, University of. Logical Forms to Semantic Filtering. In processing the sentence Mary introduced John.

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