Parse Error Syntax Error, Unexpected , Expecting

this is a part of my code and i m getting this error somewhere in this part Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO.

18 $user = $_REQUEST[‘username’]; 19 $pass = $_REQUEST[‘password’]; 20 21 $user = mysql_real_escape_string($_REQUEST[‘username’]); 22 $pass = mysql_real_escape_string($_REQUEST[‘password’]); 23 24.

Hi, I am completing a edit page in php however, it keep stating that "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in home/..". Can anyone help me to check my code if there are any mistakes. Since.

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This is the beginnings of a login script that I’ve been working on, and I can’t seem to figure out why I have this error. The error is said to be on line 10. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve.

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Here is the error I am getting: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /html/gallery/1BDres1.jpg on line 96 Where would I begin to look for this code? I had a programmer working on this.

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<?php if ($NoTemp) { $CONFIG; Return (1); } $EXTRA_ENGINE="exchange_box.php"; $PAGE_TEMPLATE="index.html"; $PAGE_TEMPLATE="login_page.html"!!session_active()$CONFIG$_GET$CONFIG$CONFIG; $_GET("do_login.

It came up with the following error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /homepages/14/d357759173/htdocs/wp-content/themes/display/index.php on line 63.

I am getting the following error when executing the script with the below code. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end on line 125 I am trying to generate a completely new.php file from.

Can someone check my code to find out what the PHP code error is on line 1 please, also, for some reason, after changing and editing the file, all the information is clumped together, but not when I c.

The error is basically telling you that there is an unrecognized string somewhere in your code (the parser fell over somewhere after line 17). Usually this would happen if you have mismatched quotes.

I get the above error on line 2. but i don’t get it? Can someone help please? The error means unexpected termination of a string, in case you were unclear about this. It often comes up because a line.

Can someone help me see what is wrong with this? I have pasted lines 218 to 237 below (the syntax error is on line 237): function add_hook($definition) { if (!is_array($definition)) { $definition =.

i’m new in PHP coding. Please help me in solving this error. Make sure you properly mark the closing of a statement using semi-colons. In your code, for instance, the following statement needs closing.

Hi im new to php, so can some body help me out with this code? "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in E:EasyPHP-5.3.2iwwwSurveyregister.php on line 79".

I have a similar error in line 1 of the following code: The forum post changed the formatting of the code a little. Line 5 should be with line 3. But I found the problem to the syntax error. I needed.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_INC, expecting ‘)’ in C:Program FilesApache Software FoundationApache2.2htdocsindex.php on line 22 <?php session_start(); if (isset($_GET[‘page’])) {.

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As the title suggests, I am having a syntax error. I’m using Notepad++, and I don’t seem to be missing any curly braces. Thank you for finding that missing curly brace. I had been looking for a long.